Projects: Smartphone email gateway

Blogging on-site during a tradeshow or a live blog event is not easy. Sometimes the space is limited and carrying a laptop with separate camera is not a viable option. The solution is to have a smaller device that allows you to combine a camera and ability to enter text on the location. The smartphone combines both of those technologies and most are small enough, with a battery that can last an entire day of live bloggin from an event.

Having the smartphone is only half the equation in successfully live blogging. The Smartphone to Email Gateway is the software that sits on your webserver as a webservice and allows your smartphone to post to a variety of blog services. A user would take a picture, compose send the email message to a specific emailbox. A webservice would monitor the emailbox and upon receiving a message downoad it for processing.

Smartphone Gateway Diagram

The processing begins with the message being scanned for the correct PIN associated with the from address. Once the PIN is verified the message and associated image is processed and sent to your blogging software. This can be Blogger, Wordpress or a custom blog solution that a client may have.

The system application is written in C++ for speed and robustness, with backend database compatibility choices consisting of SQLServer 2005, SQL Server 2008 and MySql planned for Q2 2009.