iPhone/iPad Application Development

The iPhone has become the major defacto standard by which all other smartphones are now judged. In having developed a variety of apps ranging from: productivity (ItemsDue), social networking (Twittion), travel (TransitStat), iPad application (Twittion for the iPad), clients can be assured of a product built to work and delivered on time.

Photography Portfolio Commerce Site

Professional photographers generate tens of thousands of images each year and may choose to use all or part of their images in an online portfolio. Their portfolio may also have an online e-commerce sale option. The solution to the problem was to develop a .NET application that would provide automatic processing of images uploaded, indexing and search capability of images and the ability to sell them online. The solution that was written in C# and in SQL Server 2008 provided a complete web based application with web control panel for ease of use by the photographer. The system was scalable and capable of processing hundreds of images a minute and rivaling solutions that cost thousands more.


RSS Content Distribution System

The growing pool of information that companies generate has forced a need to find different ways of distributing that information to clients, partners and employees. RSS is one method of distributing information quickly and efficiently to disparate groups of users. The RSS Content Distribution System allows companies to load content into a central database and then distribute all or part of that information via RSS to and restrict all or part of the feeds by criteria that they define.

Financial Portal

A portal that provided financial tools and information to clients in a centralized location. The portal contained a fully customizable user interface that each client could setup on their own. The portal had individual WebPart components that were written in C# for versatilty and upgradability. A selection of some of the WebParts that were written for the portal were: stock quotes, to-do list, email notification, RSS news reader and financial portfolio summary.

Smartphone To Email Gateway

What do you do if you want to blog from a smartphone at an event but don't have your laptop or it has ran out of power? The 'Smartphone to Email Gateway' was developed to solve that problem by allowing a smartphone to send Emails to a remote server that would process and post a blog entry to a variety of blogs.


SimpleASP Blog

A simple blog application written in C# for .NET based websites offering a complete web interface to the post, manage and edit comments. It's easy to implement, and easy to run.

SimpleASP Blog runs the blog on this site.

Tax Reclaim

There are billions of dollars that are left out in taxes that were paid to foreign governments that American Citizens were entitled to reclaim due to treaties established by various nations. The process is very difficult and requires vast experience in dealing with the foreign tax authorities. Software that aids in making the job easier and leads to a faster payment from the foreign tax entity reduced errors and increased the speed at which tax reclaims where processed. The system was written in VB.Net and provided the tools necessary to make the process faster and more efficient resulting in faster payment to clients.